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starbucks-coffee-cupIt occurred to me the other day that one of the most important early decisions that you can make when considering purchasing or selling real estate is the selection of a REALTOR®.  It is no secret that real estate agents are not really held in high regard, and certainly much of it is well deserved.

So how can you meet and talk with an agent without feeling sold, pressured, or sorry for them?  Other than meeting them at their natural habitat (open house, real estate office, soup kitchen line) its kinda difficult, and far too important of a decision to leave to chance.  Which, by the way, is how many people end up with an agent.

One of the reasons that I write this blog is for people to get to know me and get an insight into my thinking (mmmm….rambling) mind.  Over a period of time, if you read blogs you will get a feel for that persons personality and how they work. When picking a REALTOR it is a good idea to find a personality that aligns with your own – you will be spending some time together and it might as well be fun and productive.  It doesn’t cost any more to use an experienced agent, in fact it can save you time and money.

So for those folks out there looking for a REALTOR I am happy to meet you at one of my many satellite offices (Starbucks – LOL) and have a cup of coffee and conversation with you.  I really love to meet new people, and particularly those that turn out to be good Clients.  At this initial meeting we get a feel for each other so that I can understand your goals and motivations and make sure we’re a good fit.

Of course, I also do phone interviews for those that don’t drink coffee or are just shy.  Call 858-352-8280 – if I am available I will pick up!  So lets meet for a Starbucks – just click here to e-mail me today!

I will leave you with this final thought….

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